Music Mayhem Monday: (Coming this October!) A dynamic rotation of featured genre nights changing weekly. Playing your favorite hits from the dustiest saloon songs of Johnny Cash, to the smooth soul wanderings of James Brown.

  • 1st Monday of the month ­ Country/ Bluegrass Night
  • 2nd Monday of the month ­ Mo­Town/ Funk Night
  • 3rd Monday of the month ­ Up the Punx Night
  • Last Monday of the month ­ Metal Monday

Time: 9:00 pm ­ 1:30 am



Cambieoke: Calling all shower singers and comb mic toters! It’s Cambiekoe Night! Test your steel against our infamously talented staff members, or get up there and belt out that song you’ve been singing in the car all day anyways.

Time: 10:00 pm ­ 1:00 am



Open Mic / Jam Night: Join our jam host for a whirlwind evening of circulating performers, including YOU! All genres welcome & brownie points to slam poets who show out and throw down. Lets see what you’ve got Nanaimo!

Time: 10:00 pm ­ 1:00 am



Locals Night: Live DJ’s all night! No Cover.
Simply simplistic: GET. YOUR. DANCING. SHOES. ON.

Time: 10:00 pm ­ 1:00


Fridays & Saturdays

Live Music Night!

Come down and check out our our new fall catalogue! Featuring talented and nuanced artists from all over North America including much of the local spice from right here on Vancouver Island! From death metal to avant jazz to ambient & experimental to folk running through bluegrass and bluegrass punk, we showcase it all equally. Celebrating Diversity Weekly.



Free Jukebox Day & Movie Night: (Coming this October!) Come on down and dive into the archives of our house juke, play a lazy game of pool, or sit back and enjoy the flick. Movies range in genre from roughly “Fern Gully” to the barren shores of “Planet of the Apes.” Take a chance this fall!

Film Start Time: 10:00 pm




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