The WNDC is all about educating you to appreciate the finer points around the craft involved behind your favourite beverage.

The benefits of joining the WNDC are clear.

  1. An exclusive $5 food menu 
  2. An exclusive $3.50 drinks menu
  3. Line skip at The Cambie on weekends
  4. We will reserve a table for you and 7 friends and even bake a cake for your birthday party at the WNDC
  5. A fancy membership card to impress your friends

There are more perks to being a WNDC member, but you have to be a member to hear about them.



To become a member we need three things.

Thing 1:

Like The Cambie Bar and Grill Facebook page.

Thing 2:

Sign up to our mailing list with your email address and date of birth.
We will email you 13 times a year at the most. Once a month and then once to remind you it’s your birthday and to ask you if you would like us to bake you a cake.

Thing 3:

Pledge to the WNDC badge that you will drink increase your knowledge of local beers and beers from around the world, be more social, meet new people and make every Wednesday a great night.


Once you have completed these three simple tasks, you a fully pledged member of the WNDC.

When you arrive you must show your card, and you will be given a wristband.

Once you have completed these three simple tasks you are a fully pledged member of the WNDC. You will receive your membership card and you can instantly enjoy the benefits! Remember to bring your card with you every Wednesday and invite your friends.

The WNDC is every Wednesday at The Cambie in Gastown. When you arrive you must show your card and you will be given a wristband. When ordering drinks or food you must show your wristband and mention that you are in the club. If you do not then you are risking paying full price. Money will not be refunded after a transaction has taken place. You can only order two drinks at a time with your wristband. If you are with friends and they are not in the club then they should take a minute or two to join up and instantly enjoy the perks of being in the WNDC.